Scapegrace White Vermouth

18.5% abv

Scapegrace joined forces with the renowned Central Otago wine brand, Prophet's Rocks, to create an exceptional red and white vermouth.

In each bottle, craftsmanship reigns supreme, with carefully selected grapes sourced exclusively from Prophet's Rocks' single vineyard parcels of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

These grapes are thoughtfully combined with locally foraged botanicals harvested from the pristine Central Otago region.

This collaboration represents a harmonious synergy between two distinguished brands, each celebrated for their mastery within their respective industries.

The resulting vermouths capture the essence of Central Otago, offering an exquisite, refined experience that reflects the region's unparalleled terroir.


Base Spirit Scapegrace Base Spirit
Winemaking Prophet’s Rock Single Parcel Pinot Gris.
Age 10 months barrel aged
Base Spirit Scapegrace wheat base grain
Fermentation Wild
Soil Schist
Bottled Numbered 1493 Bottles
Elderflower Central Otago
Wild Thyme Central Otago
Dandelion Central Otago
Native Kanuka Central Otago
Grapefriut Central Otago
Aroma Dry and intricate with fresh citrus, herbaceous elderflower & forest floor.
Palette The palate starts clean and sweet with balanced acidity and candied floral notes, finishing woody and bitter with wild thyme and wormwood.