Our spiritual home. A testament to our deep ambition for a spiritual home, showcasing the best of New Zealand Spirits to the world.

Ten years of exploration through the ranges of Central Otago led us to this place —an unspoiled canvas encircled by Mt Pisa and Lake Dunstan. Here, we begin the monumental journey of establishing New Zealand’s largest distillery project.

With our headquarters, warehousing, bottling operations, and whisky barrel halls completed in 2022, we are on the cusp of inaugurating our new spiritual home.


Here Be Dragons

At the precise coordinates of 45.0194° S, 169.2153° E, on the 45th Parallel, stands the Scapegrace Distillery. This is not a choice made by chance. Straddling the line between the Equator and the South Pole, this location reaps the rewards of fiercely intense summers and deeply frigid winters—conditions that are indispensable for the unique aging of our Single Malt Whisky.

Here, at this chosen spot, the spirit of the land and the essence of the environment resonate. Creating a single malt that is not merely made, but truly born of its surroundings.

A whisky marked by nature.

Untouched. The purist water on earth.

The rain that nourishes New Zealand today is as pristine as it was a millennium ago, untouched by the pollutants of industrial land masses. It's this ancient purity that defines every drop we use at Scapegrace Distillery, strategically positioned along the shores of Lake Dunstan.

Our privileged access to the Clutha River draws directly from glacial runoff of the Southern Alps, New Zealand’s mightiest mountain range. This connection ensures that the clean, crisp taste of Scapegrace is not just perceived—it's inherently pure.