Tomorrow. Now.

Footsteps without

When we launched Scapegrace, we outlined a set of core values, affirming our identity as founders and as a company.

Devoted as global denizens of New Zealand, and of our local community, this commitment motivates us to place environmental, social/cultural, and resource considerations at the heart of our business strategy.

We pledge to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a distinct focus on becoming carbon neutral by 2026, implementing sustainable practices throughout our product lifecycle, and engaging in community and social initiatives.

A distinct focus on becoming carbon neutral by 2026

We take a holistic approach to reducing our carbon impact. From the design phase of our new distillery development, we've been working to find carbon-saving opportunities.

Lead with renewable

Realised a 50% reduction in future operational carbon emissions for the Scapegrace development, translating to initial savings of over 12 tonnes of CO2e annually. This figure is expected to triple upon reaching full production. Transitioning from a diesel boiler to an innovative electrode boiler for distillation marks a significant leap towards net-zero carbon and cleaner manufacturing, making us one of the few distilleries globally operating on electrode boilers.

Beyond Now

Our roadmap to net-zero carbon by 2026 includes electrifying our business fleet, installing EV charging stations powered by our own operations, leveraging on-site renewable energy sources, and engaging in rigorous carbon offsetting.

Putting life in the cycle.

Sustainability is a conscious act. Something that has to be decided upon and then expressed through tangible actions.  This is why we are ensuring that our materials and processes—from sourcing local ingredients to waste management—are environmentally conscious. Our recent switch to an electrode boiler is just one example of our decision to actively reduce our environmental impact.


We have planted a kanuka forest along with various native shrubs, projected to sequester approximately 600 tonnes of CO2e over the next fifty years, contributing to the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

Breathe in, breathe out.


Building meaningful relationships within our region and across New Zealand is crucial. We support a variety of charitable organisations, collaborate closely with local businesses, and are committed to our Tiaki Promise, ensuring we leave a positive impact on our people, place, and culture.