The Yields and Numbers

Terms And Conditions for the scapegrace whisky cask offer

The terms and conditions below shall govern the sale of the Whisky Cask by Scapegrace to the Owner.

  1. The Whisky Cask offer is strictly limited in number. Supply is only guaranteed upon Scapegrace sending the Owner an order confirmation and at that time a legally binding contract between Scapegrace and the Owner will be created.
  2. The Owner is purchasing the single malt spirit that fills the selected Whisky Cask and use of the selected Whisky Cask for a life maturation of up to 10 years.
  3. The Owner will pay a non-refundable 10% deposit upon receiving the order confirmation and payment details from Scapegrace. The balance of the purchase price for the Whisky Cask is due upon filling of the Whisky Cask.
  4. Scapegrace will advise the Owner of the available filling dates once the deposit for the Whisky Cask has been paid.
  5. The Owner may choose to bottle in either one or two bottlings. Bottling is included in the purchase price. The first bottling will be a minimum of 3 years after filling the Whisky Cask. The final bottling may be up to a maximum of 10 years after filling the Whisky Cask. Scapegrace will contact the Owner six months prior to bottling to determine the Owner’s bottling preference.
  6. The size of the “Angels Share” or the natural evaporation of liquid during maturation at the Scapegrace distillery is unknown.
  7. After bottling or 10 years, whichever is earlier, Scapegrace reserves the right to purchase the oak cask from the Owner, with spirit removed, for $1 incl. GST.
  8. There will be no excise duties or taxes or other government charges payable by the Owner until the cask has matured and been bottled. Once bottled the Owner will be responsible for the payment of all excise duties and tax and other government charges levied in respect of the cask and its contents. The bottles containing the spirit and the bottled spirit shall not be able to be collected or uplifted by the owner from the Scapegrace distillery until all such duties and taxes and government charges are paid in full by the Owner.
  9. In the unlikely event that the Owner's Whisky Cask is damaged or becomes empty during maturation, Scapegrace will provide to the best of its ability the nearest possible replacement cask in terms of distillation date and type of wood.
  10. Scapegrace holds liability insurance to cover any negligent acts to their customer's property. It does not cover acts outside of Scapegrace’s control, such as floods, lightning etc.
  11. Scapegrace shall consult with the Owner to personalise the bottle labels.
  12. The Whisky Cask must be stored at the Scapegrace distillery for the maturation period.
  13. Scapegrace will periodically keep the Owner informed of their spirit’s development.
  14. The Owner is welcome to visit the Scapegrace distillery to sample the Whisky Cask. Please provide at least three months' notice to arrange your visit. 
  15. The Owner will promptly advise Scapegrace of any change in their contact details.
  16. This agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand.