Blood Moon

Gin distilled with New Zealand blood oranges, fresh raspberries and makrut lime.

Since the beginning of time, humans have prophesied over the Blood Moon. From folklore to astronomy, its significance has captured our imaginations and continues to do so today. Apocalypse, sacrifice, good fortune and new beginnings, only lasting in the sky for a brief eighty-five minutes.

Our newest member of the family is a concoction of Blood Orange, raspberry and makrut lime botanicals, locally sourced and combined with premium Scapegrace gin. The result? A bright and tropical orange drop, with hints of juniper and fresh mint and a citrus infused crisp finish. We call it, Blood Moon.

Scapegrace Blood Moon

The Taste of Blood Moon

The Blood Moon profile is truly unique and combines a mixture of both dried and fresh botanicals, creating a delicious and refreshing Blood Orange gin.
Aroma - Bright & tropical with orange pith, citrus leaf and berries.
Palate - Textural and juicy with blood orange flesh upfront rolling into resinous juniper and fresh mint.
Finish - Dry, crisp & peppery with lingering citrus oils and tropical notes.