Small Batch


80 Year Old Water

Glacial Waters.
Southern Alps of New Zealand

New Zealand water is unique because our geography is unique.

The rain that hits New Zealand is the same as the rain that hit New Zealand a thousand years ago. None of it comes through clouds passing over land masses belching out car fumes and agricultural enhancers. The first thing it hits is a huge, jagged mountain range that runs the length of the South Island. This mountain range then holds this water for 80 years. That’s how long it takes to travel through the layers of sediment until it’s finally released in to the depths of one of the world’s last natural aquifers. Think about that. The water in this gin has actually been filtering through rock since before your grandfather was the age you are now.

The reason that Scapegrace tastes clean is because it is.

Our Botanicals

Lemon Peel

Citrus / Spain

Sharp, fresh, sweet & sour

Orange Peel

Citrus / Spain

Soft, sweet, refreshing & zesty

Coriander Seeds

Seeds / England

Delicate, warming with a touch of oriental citrus


Seeds / Grenada IS.

Warming, comforting, sweet & spicy

Juniper Berries

Berries / Italy

Fresh, dry, crisp & herbaceous


Flower / Comoros IS.

Sharp, crisp, cleansing yet warming

Cardamom Pods

Seeds / Guatemala

Invigorating with hints of aniseed

Liquorice Root

Roots / Italy

Natural sweetener with woody undertones

Angelica Root

Roots / Poland

Rich, earthy, herbaceous & sweet

Orris Root

Roots / Italy

Floral, soft & hints of sweetness

Cinnamon Sticks

Bark / Sri Lanka

Aromatic, earthy with hints of spice

Cassia Bark

Bark / China

Bitter, well-grounded and additional spice

Dried Tangerine

Citrus / Morocco

Juicy, vibrant & rounding citrus

The Bottle

The bottle is deliberate. It’s a modern take on the original Genever bottles from 200 years ago.

If gin-makers from then were making gin today we know they would make it like we do, because we make it like they did.

Our bottle is a respectful acknowledgement to everything they taught us.

Trophy Cabinet



- 2020 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition

Double Gold

- 2014 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition


- 2019 Competition


- 2018 Gin Masters Competition

Outstanding Silver

- 2015 London International Wine & Spirits Competition


- 2017 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition


Best London Dry Gin In The World

- 2018 London International Wine & Spirits

Double Gold

- 2019 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition

Double Gold

- 2018 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition


- 2017 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition


- 2016 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition